Megan works primarily with adults with a variety of presenting concerns including anxiety, depression, managing conflict, stress or change, relationship difficulties, and life changes.

Generally the best way to determine whether a psychologist can assist you is to attend an initial appointment.

Areas that Megan does not specialise in…

Megan does not specialise in autism, aspergers or sensory disorders, or children with severe behavioural social and behavioural difficulties. The following practitioners are recommended for people looking for assistance in these areas:

Angela Davis
15A King William Street Kent Town
T: 8362 0377

Colby Pearce
Principal Psychologist Secure Start
64 Melbourne Street North Adelaide
T: 8361 7341

Dana Baltutis
Speech Pathologist working with Floortime DIR (Developmental Individual Difference Relationship Based Model).
T: 8836 2825

Drug addiction

Megan does not work in the area of drug addiction, or severe alcoholism, gambling or pornography addiction. The following practitioner is recommended for people looking for assistance in these areas:

Leanne Seaman
67 Edward Street Norwood
T: 8332 0055